Our mission

Be Better

You know why upgrading to LEDs is better — LED lighting is easier to maintain and uses less energy. Using Wavelength to do the upgrade is better still — the implementation process is seamless, the financial picture is straightforward, and the promise that the equipment will last is guaranteed. Wavelength delivers best-in-class and beautiful LED systems without a headache.

Lower Impact

When all lights in the US are upgraded to LEDs, the US Department of Energy anticipates saving about 1,300 TWh — or 25% of all of the energy currently generated by coal in the US. Looking at it another way, it would take over 3 million acres of solar PVs to have the same effect. Upgrading to LEDs is an incredibly easy way to dramatically lower your energy impact. Implementation of a medium-sized Wavelength project saves about 3 million miles driven. This is a priority — join us!


Lighting solutions that fit your needs


New Install

Wavelength will work with you, your architect, lighting designer, and whomever else is on your team to be sure your lighting is best-in-class, using the lowest cost-of-ownership equipment.



Wavelength will design a retrofit that matches the current aesthetic of your space with new LED equipment — or if you’d like the space brighter, darker, or warmer in color, we can help you make those changes as well.


The Wavelength process


1. Design a plan

An audit and consultation is at no cost to you. We visit your space and design a retrofit based on your needs in about a week.

2. Install new LEDs

Wavelength will work around your scheduling needs. Installs last from one day to two weeks depending on the job size and if weekend work is required.

3. Instantly save

Wavelength lighting saves customers 60% of their lighting energy. Think “fuel economy” for lighting.


What Wavelength does

Wavelength wears a lot of hats. We reduce the cost of a project by using an all-in-one team to reduce other parties’ markups — and achieve the same result.


Who we work with

Wavelength works with tenants who have a remaining lease term of longer than 12 months in order for them to receive payback on their upgrades. Wavelength also works with building owners interested in reducing the long-term cost of ownership of their spaces.


We work with CEOs, CFOs, GMs, Facilities Managers, Building Engineers, Procurement, Architects, Contractors, and others.





We are so happy to have had Wavelength help build out our new office space — they put their lighting expertise to work delivering beautiful LEDs and fixtures. It was a cost-effective, removed lighting from the build-out budget, and it’s been a joy to work with them since.
— Sara Dinari, VP of Operations, Thoughtworks, Inc.
Working with Wavelength made the transition to LED lighting very straightforward. The installation process was smooth, the service since has been great, and now we have a lighting system that costs less and is more sustainable.

— Jon Strauss, Director of Workplace Operations, Oscar Health
This transition to LED lighting with Wavelength improved our lighting and makes the learning environment better. It cut down on the frequent change of bulbs and saves us money. It is also a demonstration of how we value sustainability.
— Skip Mattoon, Head of School, Avenues: The World School