LED projects that are simple, streamlined, and have massive ROI. 

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The LED transition can be complicated—but not with Wavelength. We’ll help you choose the right fixtures for a full retrofit or new build-out that match your aesthetic, desired brightness, and temperature. Or, we’ll design a lamp-for-lamp retrofit that is compatible with the fixtures and ballasts you already have, maintaining the feel of your space while making it more cost and energy efficient.

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How it works

Wavelength curates top-quality LED lamps and fixtures for existing or new spaces. Our LEDs integrate with the space’s look and character. If it’s an existing space, the lamps will be compatible with the existing fixtures, electronics, and dimmers—providing a truly seamless transition from old lighting to new.

We can spread the cost of the LEDs over a multi-year period via our service model. You pay nothing up front, and we charge a fee that is less than your energy savings.


High Quality & Low Impact


Works With Any SPACE


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We are so happy to have had Wavelength help build out our new office space — they put their lighting expertise to work delivering beautiful LEDs. It was cost-effective, removed lighting expense from the build-out budget, and it’s been a joy to work with them since.
— Sara Dinari, VP of Operations, Thoughtworks, Inc.
Working with Wavelength made the transition to LEDs very straightforward. The installation process was smooth, the service since has been great, and now we have a lighting system that costs less and is more sustainable.

— Jon Strauss, Director of Workplace Operations, Oscar Health
The transition to LEDs with Wavelength improved our lighting and makes the learning environment better. It cut down on the frequent need to change bulbs and saves us money. It is also a demonstration of how we value sustainability.
— Skip Mattoon, Head of School, Avenues: The World School